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Icy by xSenkai


Chasing the Fairy's Tail
Senkai||20||Female Symbol by mute-owl||Romantic Orientations - Demiromantic by TwinkJinx||♍/戌 ||Status: Taken||INFP
Hey, thanks for stopping by! I'm just a goofy gal enjoying her time here with her friends and causing chaos for our Ocs lol. Lets see, full time college student entering her 3rd year. Plan on Majoring in theatre (Special Effects) and minoring in Animation and Writing. I draw a lot of stuff but somehow find myself submitting more cat related art/characters lol. I love Fairy Tail and its creator Hiro Mashima! Anime and Manga are awesome! So is glowy neon lights and techno music. Love music, food, especially crunchy phoenix sushi and shrimp.

I usually get along with everyone and do make an effort to do so. However I will not tolerate rudeness or threats to myself or more importantly my friends and watchers. Just because you don't like something that I like or draw doesn't mean you can start drama. If you don't like it, simply walk away.

American English language level NATIVE by animeXcasoJapanese language level BEGINNER by animeXcaso








Name Poem by Wishafriend

Name Poem by Wishafriend


bubbles photo: Bubbles Bubbles.jpg

Heart of Glass
*click cover to go to story*
What if all you knew about fairy tales was wrong? Lucy Heartfilia just wanted her old life back. She hadn't wanted to move to a new city, live in a new house, or go to a new school. Who knew a visit to the local bookstore would alter her life forever. Now with both her father and sister dead, Lucy is faced with a scary truth. The monsters in the stories are real and coming for her....


:iconimaprettypeacock: :iconjacedoge: :iconkruuja: :iconyourneighborhoodnerd: :iconmisskvitulven:

Nearly Done

Sat May 23, 2015, 9:22 AM

Got most of the big furniture out of my room, excluding my bed. Now all that's left are the random things I've gathered over the years as well as blankets, fabric, art supplies, and other small knickknacks.

I don't mind packing. I'm a rather good packer since we use to move a lot when I was younger, and cause being an artist  I'm use to cramming as much art supplies in a backpack as possible.  But now I'm down to the part I hate the most. ...........the small things! I HATE THE SMALL THINGS!! They take so long to pack or throw away and it's just uuuuugh!

Gotta finish that, but first go to mail mart to ship the costumes over to Dark's place for the con. Mom's persistent nagging on not taking them on the plane has won over.  After that it's nothing but more packing, trying to snatch a break later around 4-5, and then getting hauled off to babysit -growls- my little cousins while their dad goes to visit his mon.

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Asher Sprite by xSenkaiJin Sprite by xSenkaiLocket Sprite by xSenkaiWho Dat Girl by xSenkai

Bring on the Rain by xSenkai

TawnyBrook Icon by DeviledHalo
CreekClan||Female||Age:28||Warrior||App:Streampaw||Mate: Open


CardinalFlight Icon by DeviledHalo
MeadowClan||Male||Age:36||Warrior||App:Applepaw||Mate: Open


ForestClan||Male||Age:6||Med.App||App:too young||Mate: too young


RaggedFace Icon by DeviledHalo
ForestClan||Male||Age:20||Warrior||App:TBA||Mate: uninterested

Candydance cx by MissLayira
Kaden||Male Pronouns||Age: ???||Mate: Crushing


One Hellish Fairytale

Hello and welcome to Fairy Ghoul Ranch! This ranch mainly focuses on the the pokemon types Ghost, Fairy, and Poison. However many other types can be found roaming the the acres as well!. Be careful when you wander though, some of the pokemon like to bite...


Spread the Love Around by xSenkai

Fairy Tail Ep.208
Naruto Shippuden Restart
One Piece Restart
HunterxHunter(2011) Ep.98
Fate/Stay Night Ep.5
Strike The Blood Restart
FREE! Ep. 16
Durarara Ep.25

Fairy TailCh.10
Naruto Shippuden Restart All!
One Piece Ch.3
Black Butler Ch.105
Skip Beat Ch.224
Ao no Exorsist Ch.68


Mon May 25, 2015, 6:04 PM
POPCOOOOOOORRRN -flails and opens mouth like a carp trying to catch the popcorn-
Fri May 15, 2015, 4:34 PM
-throws popcorn at Senkai's head- MUAHAHAHAHAHA
Fri May 15, 2015, 1:31 PM
Your both very welcome :)
Tue May 12, 2015, 9:45 AM
Thx for faving!!! :D
Mon May 11, 2015, 9:27 PM


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