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September 28, 2013
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P-F: Jin ref OLD* by xSenkai P-F: Jin ref OLD* by xSenkai


PF: Jin by xSenkai
-01.02.14- updated history and relationships

Basic Information

Name: Jin
Gender: Male
Age: ??? *would appear 19-25 in human years*
SoB: Early Fall (October 31)
O.R: Straight *could change though*
Rank: Elite *poses as a Trainer though*

Pokedex Log

Shiny Ninetales black and white sprite by Midnight-Zaffer
Type: Fire
Species (Pokemon): Ninetales #038
Species: Fox Pokemon
Pokedex Entry: Ninetales casts a sinister light from its bright red eyes to gain total control over its foe's mind. This Pokémon is said to live for a thousand years.It is very smart and very vengeful. Grabbing one of its many tails could result in a thousand year curse.

Move Set:
:iconfiretypeplz: Flamethrower
:iconpsychictypeplz: Dream Eater
:icondarktypeplz: Dark Pule
:iconnormaltypeplz: Pain Split

Held Item: N/A

Personal Information

Likes: Intelectual cats, pointing out others flaws, overpowering others, being in the forest, manipulating others, messing with their heads, history
Dislikes: Idiocy, idiots, Stupidity, (okay we get it...), getting into a pointless fight, nothing to gain, showing pity, showing remorse, babying others, having to go out of his way, someone touching his tails without his permission

.:: --- ::..
.:: ---- ::.
.:: ---- ::.
.:: --- ::.
.:: ---- ::.
.:: --- ::.
.:: ---- ::.




Random Facts Meme: Jin by xSenkai
[Poke-Paw Island]

Wasn't in the area and has never been to the island.
[Brimstone and Fire]

Heard of the events but wasn't present.
[*Cianwood Island]

Jin had arrived at Cianwood Island before the former residents of Poke-Paw Island began to settle there. The silver fox pokecat had made the woods of the island his home. But one day he suddenly found himself being jumped by a strange she-cat. After a very confusing conversation, Jin suddenly found himself being one of the elite. This was a position he didn't want.........

Having grown tired with all of the negative hanging around the cats on the island, mainly those who were survivors from the old island, Jin personally put together the Fortnight of Memories event. For two of the fourteen nights, all the cats would get a lotus and set it to sea in memory of those lost to the Heatren. This was called the Sea of Flowers.  For the remaining twelve days they were to have fun and enjoy themselves at what is called the Lotus Festival. Here they were to be happy and thankful for their lives and help set to ease their departed friends, family, and old lovers souls knowing that they weren't holding guilt or to wrapped up in the past to move foreward.

It was during the beginning of this event that the ninetales encountered a young finneon who was stricken with grief by a cat who had died saving her. He had asked whether or not she cried for those lost, or from guilt. After talking for a bit, he told her not to feel guilty for the cat tho had died saving her and that it had been their choice. Instead she should embrace life and enjoy it instead of remaining stuck on the past. Because even if she were alive, it would be no different than being dead.

Afterwards he invited the finneon, Mizu, to the festival where the two danced and enjoyed themselves.

He hadn't participated when the snovers and deli birds were causing a muck. Instead dealing with paperwork as well as heading to the castle to explore their ancient library for records on the event, or at least what books and records he hadn't already taken and stashed away with the rest of his collection.


*more to be added with events*

Misc. Information:


Theme Songs

-is blind in left eye
-has a deep seeded hatred towards humans

Relationship Stats

[:bulletwhite:-neutral][:bulletblue:-friend][:bulletgreen:-close friend][:bulletyellow:-annoys/confuses][:bulletpink:-crush][:bulletred:-love][:bulletpurple:-respects][:bulletorange:-unsure][:bulletblack:-hates][:skull:-dead]




:bulletwhite::bulletpurple: a young cat whom I spoke with when he was still a swablu. He shows promise on being a strong trainer. I look forward to the day when we battle.

:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletorange: the idiotic fly who was the first cat, that I know of, to arrive at the island before the others came. He was the one who thoughtlessly began chasing me through the forest and had the nerve to attack me even though I had only wanted to be left alone. Heh, after using a flamethrower and giving him a nice haircut, I found out the tom had a fear of fire. I might have overdone it a bit since he fainted. Of course I took him back to my den and we spoke.  I see him now and then, he's becoming stronger, and even has a mate now. Good for him. Mmmh, I wonder if he'd like another hair cut........*evil smile*

:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletorange: a lovely she-cat whom I met during the Fortnight of Memories event that I put together. I hadn't planned on speaking with her that night. But seeing tears run down her face was unbecoming. She looks more lovely with a smile. I'm not sure if my words helped as much as she credits me for, but I am glad to see her smiling more.....

Daedalus ::.
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: the only cat that knows a bit of my history, or more correctly the lore. So many questions.......not that I have a problem talking about legends, but still. Mmmmmh, he is also rather.......innocent, even if he is smart. I need to keep and eye on him. I don't want others finding out to much about me, not that it would be a problem, just annoying. He better have enough bolts to keep quiet at least. *eyeroll*




Roleplay Information

The best way to catch me to rp, is here on DA through notes. Do not rp with me in script form through notes please. Script rp is for comments only. With that said, do not keep sending new notes with each response, it crowds my inbox as well as makes it hard for me to keep up with the rp. Simply respond on the same note.

Time:U.S Central

:bulletred:Forum/ Chatroom Availability:25/100 chance of catching me in the chatrooms.
:bulletred:IM Availability: Nope, I don't have one nor do I plan to make one.
:bulletyellow:Blog/Journal: I would rather not rp on one.
:bulletyellow:Comments: I would rather not, but if it's a short rp in response to a picture, then that is fine.
:bulletgreen:Notes:100/100, I am always up to rp through notes.

I'm comfortable with rping E, PG13,PG16, and Mature, although for 'M' I would have to consider you a close friend, or someone I'm use to rping with vuv

My normal rp rating is PG 16 to M.

Script Sample: Please note that I seldom do script form unless it's like a small rp in a comment in response to a picture.  Other than that, I will not use script, I am a literate roleplayer.

Ex: rp from Joker ref comments with MonoStars

Joker: Rash, me? *laughs* Everything has a pattern and a plan....*forgot what he was talking about and scratches chin, watching Jay*  As for a fly, Izzy and Haru-Hara- bleh, yes they are flies.  Troublesome flies.....constantly buzzing.... *flicks ear as if to shoo them away*  You however~ mmmmhh......aren't a fly *slowly circles*  you don't buzz or feel like smoke....*stops, tilting head* mmmmh what are you?  A moth perhaps or a bird?  I rather like birds~

Paragraph Sample:

Ex: rp from Every Angel Has Their Demon with JacetheGriffin

He had been leaning agains the rail, a smile gracing his face as he stared at the moon. The angel momentarily wondered why He didn't make a moon in Heaven. It was so peaceful and calming to stare at.

From behind him, Sho heard glass fall and shatter to the floor. The sudden noise against the quiet that had engulfed him, startled the angel; quickly spinning around, hand on hilt. It had grown silent again, except every now and again some sort of shuffling noise was heard. Taking a slow step forward, Sho silently opened the glass door, going inside. Blue eyes scanned the area, noticing a couple glasses broken in the corner, their contents already staining the carpet.

But no one was there, the room was empty. A shiver ran up his spin, the atmosphere having changed from just a few moments ago. Suddenly there was a gurgling noise along with the shuffling, causing Sho to spin around quickly, fast enough to catch the sight of a body being dragged behind a curved couch in the corner.

Reaching down, Sho walked up and picked a large piece of glass from the ground. Pulling his hand back, the angel threw it against the wall, right behind the couch. As the shards rained down, there was an earsplitting screech as a figure leaped inhumanly from behind the couch and landed a few feet away from him.

Pale, sickly green-grey skin clung tightly to the figures body, black liquid oozing from the areas the glass had lacerated. Wretched rat-like hands scrapped at it's face frantically as it tried to rid itself of the glass. Sho slowly withdrew his sword, posing to strike. As if sensing it was in danger, the creature's head turned around and gave an angry screech.

I....I couldn't help myself......LOOK AT DAT SEXY DESIGN X3 I had to.......HAAAAAAAD TOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo :iconcannotevenplz:
Jin (C) :iconxsenkai:
Pokemon (C) Nintendo/Game Freak

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